Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms and condition that I should be aware of when I hire a vehicle?

What items do I need to bring with me to hire a vehicle?

Can I hire a car with an international or overseas driver’s licence?

What is the minimum age to hire a vehicle?

Is there a maximum age that will inhibit me from hiring?

Is there a security bond on my hire vehicle? How does this bond work?

Can I pay cash or use a debit visa card for my security bond?

Can more than one person drive my hire vehicle?

Can I return my hire vehicle after hours?

Am I required to fill up the fuel when I return the vehicle?

Does Robus Rentals charge extra fees or surcharges on top of my quoted price like most of the other hire companies?

What does my quoted rate include?

How do I extend my rental and will it change my rate?

Is it possible to drop my vehicle to a different location than the one I picked it up from?

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

What do we need to know about toll roads and paying tolls? What are E-Tags?

Why do I need a credit card to hire?

What credit card can I use for payment?

Can I use a credit card for the security bond and cash for the rental fee?

Does my rental vehicle come with any type of insurance or damage cover?

What if I decline any damage covers?

Won't my credit card cover any damage to my vehicle?

What should I do if I have an accident in my vehicle?

Do I have to pay my excess even if an accident isn't my fault?

My excess amount is higher than the cost of repairs to my hire vehicle. Do I get a refund of the difference?

How will I be assured of the vehicles condition?

What if the vehicle breaks down? Do you provide 24 hour roadside assistance?

I'm hiring a truck to move houses. Do you have any accessories to help me with my move?

Do you have baby seats for hire?

Do you have any GPS that I can hire?